Return Tokyo

Yesterday I took a short trip to Tokyo, with a helping hand from my good friend Google . He let me walk in the narrow streets of my neighbourhood, "buy" a coca cola from my local vending machine and he also accompanied me to work. Thank you, Google!

This beautiful pink building was my home for 4 months, I lived on the top floor (penthouse baby), room B402R. I had the best view of my life, bright green curtains, thinnest walls ever, a bed, a desk+chair and approximately 6 sq.m. Joy! I shared two showers and a filthy kitchen with 11 others. The washbasins were in the hallway. Days of luxury. Some day, I`m going back.

By the way, I don`t think the red car is a car. I think it`s a fake. Never saw it "out of position" once.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Tokyo er og blir en inspirerende eltedigel!! Får Tokyo-følelsen bare av å lese "snutten" din og se bildene. Mum

  2. du burde prøve google mamma, da tror jeg du får inntrykk av at du skulle vekslet noen penger i tillegg til Tokyo-følelsen. 1. download google earth, 2. walk around