Diagram Of War

"Map representing the losses over time of French army troops during the Russian campaign, 1812-1813. Constructed by Charles Joseph Minard, Inspector General of Public Works retired. Paris, 20 November 1869.

The number of men present at any given time is represented by the width of the grey line; one mm, indicates ten thousand men. Figures are also written besides the lines. Grey designates men moving into Russia ; black, for those leaving. Sources for the data are the works of messrs. Thiers, Segur, Fezensac, Chambray and the unpublished diary of Jacob, who became an Army Pharmacist on 28 October. In order to visualize the army`s losses more clearly, Charles has drawn this as if the units under prince Jerome and Marshall Davoust (temporarily seperated from the main body to go to Minsk and Mikilow, which then joined up with the main army again), had stayed with the army throughout."

I can`t remember why I googled Napoleon, and this beauty came up. But it could be to find out how tall he was. And if you`re wondering, the answer is: 168 cm. That`s actually 4 cm taller than the average Swedish soldier at that time (if i remember correct). Must say, tiny people.

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