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Again, rereading a Wired magazine. And listening to Elton. Shit. I see a pattern. Rediscover an article about the former owner of the Oakley sunglasses, Jim Jannard, he sold this company for lots and lots of money to start a new one. Red Digital Cinema. Probably his long time dream and passion. (At the picture he looks like the hospital chief in that hospital series from the 90s...something Chicago. Really). The fantastic thing about the Red One, is that even though being a digital camera, it`s able to control the "depth of field" in the picture, in other words, you can focus on spesifics. HD cameras force everything into focus, foreground and background, making a flat image. The two first prototypes are named; Boris and Natasha. The camera is quite cheap compared to other professional movie making cameras, at 17500$. And then it`s already digital.

On his door into the workspace, there`s a sign saying:
1. Please knock
2. Take two steps back
3. Kneel


(Thought Jim inspired me to buy the brilliant book "Archipelago", but guess not. Not mentioned in text. For the record, Brilliant. Great. Huge. Go shopping round.)

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