The Fountainhead

Every second Tuesday, some guys+girls at school arrange movie nights in the auditorium. They call themselves DAFF: De Arkitektstuderendes Film Forening? Great initiative. The last movie was "The Fountainhead" with Gary Cooper and an actress with grand body language, Patricia Neal (actually married to the Roald Dahl). Cooper plays Howard Roark, a struggling fresh architect with great visions. But of course, life ain`t easy for young Mr. Roark, nobody understands his point of view nor architecture. He faces many years of hard work, he even gets a job in a quarry to make ends meet. There, the beginning of a very strange and complicated love with our heroine, Dominique takes place, and last out through the movie in rather "unexpected" ways. (While watching acting by Ms. Neal, I think to self: Drama, so underrated! Why do no one gaze out in eternity during conversations or fall with great gestures or gallop in anger (to slap a man in the face with a whip (not recommended))? I`m already practicing different neck positions and head+eyebrow moves). Well, movie. You should see it. It`ll teach you a lesson about future and expectations, but most of all...about belief, hope and weird love.

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