Whip It

This man is legend. He controls his environment like I`ve never seen man do before. His name is Mr. Lim, and he just had a workshop at school. Give this man a physical whip and he will be president in 4 years, now he only got an imaginary one. To be honest, imaginary works as well. I don`t think the students in Institute 1 have ever worked so long hours for a “fun” workshop. And the most impressive, was the fact that Mr. Lim had table discussions at 0130 am. He`s like a Duracell rabbit on speed, he survives on Pringles, water and grapes (“I only eat carbs once a week”). When he`s not travelling around the globe doing workshops, he`s bossing Studio 8 in London, teach students at the Bartlett or heading off to China where they have some projects running (“Yes, I travel a lot. I don`t like airplanes, it`s a constant circulation of germs because of the air-condition”). This little man coordinates his surroundings as a puppeteer choreographs his puppets, even with matching moves, clapping and pointing his small Malaysian hands. He tells you when to speak, and when not to speak. He basically made 13 projects in 5 days, thinking as 100 different minds, and in the end, he gives you his honest opinion on the result. “When something is black, I say it`s black. When something is white, I say it`s black..I mean white”. Put your hands together for CJ. I`m a fan. My teacher took notes, while smiling to self. It`s going to be a tough semester. Quotes:

(Saturday night 10 pm) Clap,clap,clap…everybody, everybody…I have great news! You have 9 extra hours! We managed to postpone the crits on Monday, from 9 am to 6 pm! Great news, people.

No, no, no. You stop speak. Boy in red shirt speak.

Eat faster, you can eat slow on Tuesday!

Oh, you genius! You`re like famous Danish architect…Arne Jacobsen, I call you Arne from now on.

No! (us: but…) No! No! No! Bad idea.

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