If you really really want to wear ALL white, there`s only one option for you; Tennis. This fashionable man is Renè Lacoste. French guy, playing tennis in the 20s and beginning of the 30s. Running around like a gentleman in his "crocodile"-outfit, winning 7 grand slams. Way to go. When/If I ever "reactivate" my tennis career, I will definitely invest in a 20s outfit like this. And win 7 small slams.

Facts: Tennis is "performed" on a tennis court, the surface can be used to play both singles and doubles. The size of this court is: 23,78 x 8,23 m. for singles matches, and 23,78 x 10,97 m. for doubles matches. Additional clear space is needed, in order for the players to run around catching balls. Total size: 36,7 x 18,3 meters. (36,7 x 18,3 m = 671,71 m2. You could probably build 13 family houses on a plot like that in Tokyo.) The net is 1,07 m. at the posts, and 0,914 m. high in the center. The court is usually of grass, clay or concrete. Surprisingly, grass is the fastest type of courts. It`s similar to golf greens. The most famous grass tournament is the Wimbledon in London. They slowed down their courts in 2001, and players have said the courts have become: heavier and high bouncing. If this is good or not, I don`t know.

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