Airport Heaven

There is something extremely cool with airports. You`ll find them in all major cities (and not so big cities), they all consists of the same logistics, they are all designed for movement and they are all based on the fact that queues are something you should learn how to cope with (A tip: travel during evening hours, the queues are almost nonexistent). Anyway, the best part is the infrastructure and airport vehicles. If I have some spare time while travelling, I usually find a comfy chair and watch the scenery of airport paraphernalia perform the purpose for what they were designed. These fascinating vehicles have of course funky names, just listen to this: Pushback Tractors, Unit Load Device, Follow-Me Cars and Airport Crash Tenders (to name a few). The fact that these remnants form the 80s (based on the design), are part of the high-tech world of aviation, is for me: Great.

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