Park Car

This is how it`s done. Four easy steps to make a perfect P in any cityscape across the world. 1. Find an unoccupied parking lot, slow down. 2 a) Stop parallel to the car in "front" of the lot, b) gear: reverse, c) begin the backing, d) when you as a person are on the same line as the rear wheel of the car in "front", turn the steering wheel. A lot. In this case: clockwise, e) when the front of your car have reached the back of the other car, turn the steering wheel in the other direction. 3. Stop the car before hitting the one behind you. We don`t want scratches. 4. To finalise the procedure and straighten the car, turn the wheel a little (clockwise) and close up on the car in front. Done! Congratulations!

2 kommentarer:

  1. Hei Nora
    Fin blogg og fantastisk fin beskrivelse av ruteparkering. God helg ! Håper vi ses snart.
    Klem Eli

  2. Eli!
    Takk for det. Ikke si det til noen, men det er faktisk lettere i teori enn praksis.