This is the holiday hangout place of my childhood. Also known as "Ljåbu". It`s a collection of three professional cabins (old photos) and approximately 2,5 made by non-professionals aka. my siblings and me. Not that they don`t have certain architectural qualities, they`re just not made for living. Especially during winter season. The cabin to the left is the main building, as you can see it`s huge, almost 50 sq.m., the other one is the guesthouse, "Buret" (the Cage). Not so big, only 16 sq.m. but you`re more than welcome. None of them have installed water, in the summer that`s not such a big deal. Winter is more hardcore, then you (my Dad) actually have to walk to the creek, smash a hole in the ice, use a "liter measure" to fill a 25 l. can. You (Dad) carry the can back to the cabin. On skis. Down hill. Rule nr. 1: Don`t fall.

This water is precious, and only for drinking. The remaining necessity for a 18th century household like Ljåbu, is covered by melted snow. Melting snow takes a while. Getting water from the creek takes a while. So all in all, winter holidays are all about water. Can`t live without it. (If you for some reason want to wash your hair, the effort and energy of collecting and melting enough snow - water, adds up to 5 hours-ish. Bonus info).

I posted this to say: What a view. Jotunheimen for you.

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