Iced Typhoon

In the mid 90s, a topic of bizarre interest in La Casa AursandIversen was nuclear stuff. My sister wrote a comprehensive school assignment on Russian Typhoon Submarines, while I decided to concentrate on the pleasant sequence of events concerning the Tsjernobyl disaster in Ukraine. What my brother set his mind to in the mid 90s, was probably football. 1 healthy kid, out of 3 is not so bad.

Typhoons is the largest class of submarines ever to be built, with the displacement of 33.800 tons divided on 175 m. It`s even room for decent living facilities for the crew, something I find natural since they stay constantly submerged for months and months. They were deployed in Russia in the 80s, running on nuclear energy and carrying ballistic missiles. Typhoons were produced to attack North America, to do that they needed to come up close from behind. Logic way to go, was under the arctic ice. As an extra submarine feature, these ones are capable of breaking through moderate ice thicknesses, launch one of their dead friendly missiles and dive into safety again. Max depth is 400 m. Which is seriously a lot. A lot. Not only do they dive deep, they also run fast: Submerged, 50 km/hour. Surface, 41 km/hour.

Last but not unimpressive, the Typoons are the most quiet of all submarines and probably ships as well, in the world. This means that, during submerged "huntings" with other submarines, the Typhoon can "hide" right next to you, without being noticed. `Cause that`s what they do down there, they listen for enemies. And before you know it, the Russian hugeness has eaten you alive. The End.

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  1. Man kan begynne å lure på om vi er helt vel bevart...
    Hver av disse båtene har 20 raketter som igjen inneholder seks atomstridshoder. Dvs at den kan utslette 120 av verdens byer og skape en atomvinter. Russland har seks ubåter av denne typen noe som i mitt hode virker som overkill..basen deres er forresten 10 km fra den norske grensen!Flaks for oss...

  2. Guro?
    Godt å høre informasjonen sitter som spikret den dag i dag, 14 år senere. Dette er fakta man ikke har mye bruk for i hverdagen, med andre ord; slike opplysninger jeg setter pris på. Takk.