Ka Ra O Ke

For no particular reason, karaoke came up during lunchtime conversation. And first of all, let me just state that, karaoke is totally different from home entertainment "games" like Singstar. It`s so different really, you can`t even compare it. Not that I ever tested Singstar. Details.

Karaoke is not a game, it`s hardcore business/workout. And all you need is: A ticket to Japan, yen, a karaoke establishment, a room in the suitable size for you (and your company, many people do karaoke alone), two microphones, a tired TV screen, bad sound system, some beer and a phone connected to reception desk to order more beer (room service deluxe). With these ingredients present, it can`t go wrong.

As an extra bonus to the experience, most Karaoke places decorate with eyes closed. I guess. This often creates psychedelic interior design with astonishing solutions regarding furnishing, patterns and color combinations. Basically one of those moments where the phrase "words can`t describe it" actually describes it.

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