Shigoto! Ikoze!

Work! Lets go! One of the first phrases I learned in Japanese. In Japan they work a lot, you might think it`s just a well established cliché, but it`s not. I don`t work much these days, and I seriously wish the situation could be somewhere between my current working schedule and the one I had in Tokyo. After returning to Oslo two days ago I`ve had difficulties occupying time, but I`ve done a great effort trying to keep a relatively tight program.

The night of arrival I dismantled my childhood desk, and replaced it with a large table. Then I reconnected my record player with my stereo (music = important), but before this was possible a collection of my novels needed to be relocated. After figuring out music + books, I organised all my "important" papers and tried to balance my bank accounts (sad story). When paper and money business were done, I tested ALL my pens, throwing out everyone with a hint of dryness. Next step, organising my drawing paper according to grams and color shade. Then I read one of the relocated novels to end the day in a nice manner. Next day I got up early, and drove to my local social security office (where they subscribe the magasine "Golf", one of my favourites. Do you really need welfare if your hobby is golf?) and waited for a good while. Because of a weird misunderstanding one of the guys thought I was pregnant, and could happily announce that I was entitled to a large sum of money. At this point I didn`t know he thought I was knocked up, so me, happy as a bird, smiled and said "yes!", but then the lady laughed her ass off explaining the situation once more. Suddenly the money was out of reach. To process this failure I took a roadtrip to Moss, and picked up my shipment from DK. These four large boxes kept me busy all night, with a second wave of sorting out stuff, such as clothes and pure stuff.

Today, I`ve watched two episodes of "Band of Brothers" and downloaded Adobe Trial Versions. It`s a good thing I can`t figure out the new television, guess I would have been able to name every single competitor in the Olympic Games if I did.

Life Of Architecture.
Help. Work anyone?

Post Script: You wouldn`t believe the amount of stuff I`ve managed to squeeze into my room. To be honest, organising business is my cup of tea. It`s actually super fun working with a limited amount of space.

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