Easy Company

I`ve now seen all 10 episodes of the HBO series; Band of Brothers. Story: A batallion of American Paratroopers, called Easy Company, arrives in Normandy on D-Day behind enemy lines. Dropped from the sky in an inferno of planes, bullets and fire. Those who survives this Armageddon of german hospitality, gather up and fight their way through occupied Europe. Participating in pretty much every worst case scenario and frontline fights possible. They spent the winter of 1944 surrounded by enemies in a freezing forest in Bastogne, dressed in summer uniforms and the only avaliable shelter/cover being foxholes dug in the frozen ground. It`s 10 hardcore glimpses of hell on earth, and if you: stay away from food during watch, turn off sound and cover your eyes every now and then, it`s recommendable.

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  1. for lite action på denne bloggen! syns du kan blogge mer nå som du har mer tid! hehe
    Håper det står bra til oppe på kollen, hører det er mye snø..

  2. Haha.
    True that.
    Men har DU så mye tid, you son of an afgangsproject?