Ra ll + Kon-Tiki

Last Saturday The Kon-Tiki Museum was visited, it was almost like travelling back in time. The exhibition was probably mounted in the 60s and has never seen change since then. The choice of colors and means of presentation is amazing. The below-surface-space underneath the Kon-Tiki raft (area with the big black whale shark) is the most charming place I´ve been in a long time, with it´s naïve representation of life in the ocean (...naïve, as always, in a good way). I´m a fan.

The route through the museum introduce you to the high-lights of Thor Heyerdahls magical wonders of natural science; Ra ll, Tigris and Kon-Tiki. To have a watch: Kon-Tiki

2 kommentarer:

  1. Herregud Nora, du er jo helt vill! Husker du rommene så bra? I'm shocked. Super nice forøvrig.

  2. Google it, Ida. Google it.