Bottle Of Rome

I really (really) want to go to Rome. I´ve never been there, and I guess that is a terrible thing/sin when you´re supposed to call yourself an architect (not that I do). But I´m not sure a tourist trip is enough, imagine waking up to crazy traffic and espresso in a tiny apartment where the ceilings are high and the windows wide open, in some old dodgy building in the cheap area (if they exist) of town. Followed by days of slow adventures and impressive impressions. Priceless.

The drawing is a section of Pantheon. A place to remember I´ve heard.

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  1. ..true, true.

    ..i am still a student and had my first visit to rome a month ago

    rome is mighty and powerful:
    - i am a planning-kinda guy, always have sorted things out in advance.
    but sitting sketching at "spanish steps", i lost my flight back to bergen...

    magnetic space..