Make A Wish

Every year I wish for a sail boat (or a helicopter) for Christmas. After approximately 14 years of wishing, the boat criteria is slowly decreasing. It started out as: Sail boat. Nowadays the claim has dropped to: Small sail boat, not too fancy. But slightly cooler than a "VG-jolle" (Hybrid between rowing boat and a really small sail boat). Cross fingers.

Sail boats are pure magic. And the fact that you can control the "vehicle" from one small area on the boat, transforms it into a tool-of-techtonics, rather than just a floating hang-out. If you`re ever in London, visit an old man`s store. He got all the sail boat equipment you can imagine and more. It`s located on 194 Shaftebury Avenue, called: Arthur Beale LTD. Heaven on earth. I`m telling you.

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